Something Real

As a child, I didn’t know it, but they had silver in the coins.
Then someone decided that the money didn’t have to be real.
That we could sustain, in our imaginations, the value.
A proposition still to be confirmed.

In time, I collected the old JFK Half Dollars and the
Quarters with George Washington and the
Dimes with Franklin D. Roosevelt — and they were real.
You could melt them…
And the value would ooze out,
Like the juice from an orange or a banana too-ripe-squeezed or
A peach when everything is perfect.

It is our Silver now.
From San Francisco to Orlando spans a continent.
Spans a quarter-century.

If you shook a magazine and the letters all fell out,
You could reorganize the letters,
And the value would still be there.
The message is inherent.

That is what silver is all about.