Op-Ed and Journalism

Date Publication Title Topic
11/29/2018 Wall Street Journal Lettuce Try Not To Panic Romaine Recall
7/18/2018 The Weekly Standard Understanding the Economics of Trump’s Trade War Trade war
2/13/2012 The Weekly Standard Keystone, Obama, and Leadership Oil Pipeline Politics
2/1/2012 The Weekly Standard Ron Paul—and the ‘Pink Slip’ Presidential Nominee Runners up
7/12/2011 The Weekly Standard Businessmen Aren’t Marionettes Job Creation
6/27/2011 The Weekly Standard Why Temporary Fixes Aren’t Fixes at All Payroll Tax Holiday
5/11/2011 The Weekly Standard Men Not At Work Nonworking Americans
3/5/2011 The Weekly Standard Lightning Rod – It’s Not A-Rod’s Fault He Got A Tax Break On His Condo Government Budget Transparency
11/29/2010 The Weekly Standard Food Safety Bill Will Not Make Food Safer, Will Increase Food Costs and Budget Deficit Food Safety Bill
9/21/2010 American Thinker Solving The Unemployment Crisis Unemployment Crisis
7/22/2010 The Weekly Standard LeBron James Brings the High Cost of Bad Policy to the Fore Public Policy & Economic Activity
7/20/2010 The Weekly Standard Professor Blinder Shows a Blindness to the Entrepreneurial Spirit  Economic Stimulus
7/19/2010 The Weekly Standard The Great Obama Job Shuffle Economic Stimulus
7/8/2010 The Weekly Standard Will the Tea Party Usher In a More Limited View of Government? Tea Party, Limited Government
7/6/2010 The Weekly Standard The Distance NASA Travelled Over 48 Years Using Space to reach Muslims
6/26/2010 The Weekly Standard New ‘Strategic Defaulting’ Policy Change Avoids the Tough Steps Needed Fannie Mae/Strategic Defaulting
6/22/2010 The Weekly Standard Obama’s ‘Absolutism’ Is A Sign Of His Naïveté Obama’s ‘Absolutism’
5/21/2010 The New Atlantis How to Improve Food Safety Improving Food Safety
5/17/2010 The Weekly Standard The Right’s Supreme Court Acquiescence Supreme Court Nomination
3/25/2010 Pajamas Media At The Corner Of Food Safety And Media Bias Food Safety/Media Bias
12/22/2009 National Review When Did Restaurant Regulation Creep into the Health-Care Bill? Health Care Bill
12/12/2009 Weekly Standard Standing Up for Liberty Insurance
12/9/2009 National Review The Common Carrier Reform Insurance
11/30/2009 The Weekly Standard The Swiss Ban Minarets Switzerland & Minarets
10/19/2009 Weekly Standard A Better Catastrophic Option  Insurance
9/29/2009 The Weekly Standard Thomas Friedman’s Love Affair with China, Cont. Thomas Friedman
9/28/2009 The Weekly Standard “Doesn’t A Thesis Need To Be Defended?” Virgina Gubernatorial
9/10/2009 The Weekly Standard Incentivizing Irresponsibility Nanny State
9/4/2009 The Weekly Standard Jump-Starting the Space Program  Space Program
7/17/2009 Weekly Standard Obama Ideology Puts National Defense On The Back Burner Obama/Defense
7/7/2009 FreeRepublic Republicans Should Reexamine the Public Good of Private Citizens Palin/Private Citizen
7/6/2009 The Weekly Standard Republicans Should Reexamine the Public Good of Private Citizens Palin/Private Citizen
3/30/2009 StarTribune Jim Prevor: Who’s guarding our commerce? Govt. Regulation
3/20/2009 The Weekly Standard Food Fight: Obama’s ‘government first’ attitude puts food safety at risk. Food Safety
3/13/2009 StarTribune If regulators’ only interest were regulation Govt. Regulation
3/13/2009 StarTribune Jim Prevor: Who’s guarding our commerce? Govt. Regulation
3/6/2009 The Weekly Standard How to Detoxify the Banks  Banking Crisis
3/6/2009 The Weekly Standard Harry Potter: Zionist Tool  Iranians
3/6/2009 The Weekly Standard When It Comes To Real Life Experience With Stocks, Obama Doesn’t Get It Obama/Finance
3/6/2009 Weekly Standard How to Detoxify the Banks  Banking Crisis
3/3/2009 The Weekly Standard Buffett, Bonds, and Bailouts Buffett, Bonds, and Bailouts
3/2/2009 The Weekly Standard How Do You Solve a Problem Like Citigroup? Citigroup/Bailout
2/23/2009 The Weekly Standard Obama’s Fuzzy Housing Numbers Housing crisis
2/9/2009 The Weekly Standard Mikulski’s Incentive Plan To Increase Personal Debt Financial Stimulus
2/6/2009 The Weekly Standard Is Obama Dragging His Feet on Overturning “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”? Obama/Don’t ask don’t tell
1/6/2009 The Weekly Standard Win a Ticket to the Inauguration Obama/Inauguration
1/5/2009 The Weekly Standard Obama’s New Deal: Encourage People to Stay Unemployed Obama/Employment
12/31/2008 The Weekly Standard Consumers Get More Stuff For Less Money?  Consumer Spending
7/10/2007 Wall Street Journal The Roots of Editorial ‘Independence’ Editorial Independence