Pundit Prognostications

A Pundit’s prognostications,
Put in poetry today —
A rhyme, a rhythm and some stanzas
On thoughts about our day.

It seems so very different —
A brave and daring way
To present ideas compelling,
What our industry needs to say.
And yet this couplet offering
Is not such distant ground,
For what we do each morning
Is seek that silent sound…
Find the rhythm that’s unspoken…
Catch the drift that is unseen…
Uncover a hidden meaning…
And complete the un-played scene…

It seems a task so daunting.
How can we know what’s true?
Yet we’ve found a truly gifted source
In this industry – IT’S YOU!

So we all head out to Houston,
To attend the PMA.
To meet old friends
And daydream
Of what we used to say.
We once were so much younger
And saw the world anew.
Now we’re worldly, filled with wisdom,
But we’d rather have our youth.

Pundits never die, you know;
They do not age at all.
They live through their meanderings
In words upon the wall.
Yet such is true of everyone…
Of every planted seed.
It carries a name forward,
Gives meaning when we leave.
So thanks for all the letters,
The calls and e-mails too.
Let’s, together, create tomorrow

A trade both proud and true.

By Jim Prevor