A Place For Big And Small

October 2018

Focused on business success,
We go to Orlando.
Did you know?
Mickey is turning 90 this year.
That is a big accomplishment.

Fresh Summit is themed BIG this year:
Big Topics. Big Voices.
And there is a place for that.

But, I confess, when in Orlando
I like to visit the Magic Kingdom,
The heart of Walt Disney World.
And I like to go to the heart of the park,
In front of Cinderella Castle.

There stands the Partners Statue
Depicting Walt Disney holding Mickey’s hand.

Walt used to say:
“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing…
That it was all started by a mouse.”

My dad used to like that quote.
It summed up his idea of business:
Focus on the small things,
The good ideas,
The perfect execution,
Delivering value,
Doing the right thing.
And the big things would follow.

As we come together.
We can raise a glass…or eat some cheese…

… To celebrate the Industry
And lessons big and small.

— BY JIM PREVOR – October 2018