Ode To PMA Boston 1991

“Journey to the Future” – That’s PMA’s line
In a city so ancient, by America’s time.

A colonial leader, built liberty true
With Paul Revere’s ride – a tea party, too.

From Lexington and Concord, the shot went forth
Reverberates still, from the South to the North.

And while the revolutionaries fought out their game
The produce men peddled – it’s always the same.

The cabbage, the onions, the squash and more
All must be raised, war or no war.

And now we do gather from sites far and near
To celebrate tomorrow – to plan for what’s clear.

We’ll wrestle with pesticides, government regs
Hear lots of speeches, remember what’s said.

We build for tomorrow, a future that’s bright
People eat healthy, produce – that’s right!

Use biotechnology, UPCs too
DPP, PLU – what else can we do?

Computers and science, they’ll lead the way
As we journey to the future, to a brighter day.

But when all is over, said and done
We’ll finish the job, just as we’ve begun.

Selling the produce, from field to the home
We toil together, we’re never alone.

And that’s why conventions still have a place
They bring us together, as we say a grace.

And count all our blessings, one after one
For the job that we’ve stared – that will never be done.

by Jim Prevor