The issue you hold in your hands is our fourth anniversary issue. It is also the largest issue we have ever published. Within these pages you will find more articles and information than ever before, all carefully selected to help you obtain the profits you’re working hard to achieve.

This issue also contains more advertising than any previous issue. These ads, filled with useful information, help to make this magazine complete.

No journey to success is traveled alone, and PRODUCE BUSINESS is in the debt of many. For a magazine, the reader is always the priority, and I can make only an inadequate attempt to thank you, our readers, for the time you spend with PRODUCE BUSINESS each month. Any magazine can have writers and printers and photographers, but what makes a magazine real are its readers. Readers who take words off the pages and live them. Who find ideas in this magazine and turn them from an abstract thought to a concrete reality. Who use the concepts presented here and create the sales and profits that are the point of all we do. Let me assure you that your participation in this enterprise is valued, and let me promise our eternal vigilance in creating a magazine worthy of your time.

To our advertisers, let me toss out a bouquet. The ads you place in PRODUCE BUSINESS make this a better publication, by providing important and useful information. Of course, the resources our advertisers provide make everything else we do possible. By providing support to PRODUCE BUSINESS, our advertisers are performing a valuable service to the trade, enabling us to run the articles that help the entire industry do more, sell more and make more.

Our many suppliers are integral partners in the production of this magazine. The quality standards we have set are high, and many have been the occasions when it didn’t look possible, but our suppliers stuck with us and joined with us in a commitment to excellence. The extraordinary quality magazine we provide each month stands as testimony to their efforts.

And the staff of PRODUCE BUSINESS must be thanked – committed men and women who have joined a cause and made it their own. These are the people who fight the day-to-day battles involved in making a magazine come to life, and they carry their burdens with the exuberance of those who know they are doing good work. And indeed our people do very good work.

A few special thanks are my privilege to give, on this, our anniversary. First, to my good friend, Ken L. Whitacre, without whom this magazine could not possibly have achieved what it has. He not only works harder than anyone I know, he also manages to make doing the work fun. PRODUCE BUSINESS has been very lucky to have such an exceptional person dedicated to its success.

Finally, an injustice would be done without a note of gratitude to my family. My aunts and uncles, Ruth and Sydney Prevor and Bea and Bill Prevor, my brother Barry and sister Cheryl have all supported this publication since its earliest days. Their contributions have been of immeasurable importance to our success.

And most especially, I owe a debt of gratitude to my parents, Roslyn and Michael Prevor, who in supporting this project took a modern day leap of faith as they expressed their belief in an industry, a magazine and in their eldest son. May we always do them proud.

All of us here at PRODUCE BUSINESS take pride in the fine quality of the magazine we produce. But, on this, our fourth anniversary, we join together to vow a new and greater excellence. We make a commitment to excellence in our field and pledge to imbue each issue with an exuberance and intelligence that will make every issue ever more valuable to our readers. In value we provide our readers, we shall be second to none. This is our vow.